One stop solution to host your Algorand node

Your All-in-One Algorand Node Manager

sudo curl -L | sudo bash

Here’s how pixelnode works

Install pixelnode

sudo curl -L | sudo bash

Setup authentication

Authentication to pixelnode portal  to manage your node

Install node

Install Mainnet or Testnet or Betanet and wait for catchup to complete

Voila! It’s done

Node is up and running. Now you can generate new participation keys and participate in the consensus

Battle tested on different cloud providers

One-click installation

Pixelnode installation is simple and straight forward.
All you need to do is run one simple command.
It installs all the dependencies that are required to run a algorand node along with nice intuitive user interface.

One-click node updates

Want to update your node to the latest version ?
don't worry, you can easily update your node  with a single click.

Participation keys

Manage your node participation keys using our easy to use interface. Generate new participation keys and take your accounts online.

Participation stats

View participating stake and participating account on the dashboard

Install any network

Supports Algorand Mainnet, Testnet, Betanet and VOI testnet coming soon ...

One-click portal updates

New version of pixelnode is released ?
Don't worry, just update it with single click

Self host your own node

Take complete ownership of your node by installing pixelnode on your own infrastructure. It can be your AWS server, Digital ocean droplet, Linode server or even your personal machine

Install pixelnode


You can install, uninstall or restart your node from the pixelnode dashboard.

Node metrics

You can Enable/Disable node metrics. Prometheus graphs and Grafana dashboards are available out of the box.

Algod API

View and execute Algod API using swagger interface.


Enable/Disable telemetry instantly.

Trusted by community

Get pixelnode and have hassle free experience with Algorand node